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Diane Mitchell


 Diane Mitchell
8425 E. Mustang Trail
Scottsdale, AZ. 85258
Diane Mitchell

My experience with Pinnacle Peak Performance is both personal and professional.  I own a home management company in Scottsdale and they are the go to people for all my clients carpet/tile/grout cleaning . I have used them for several years and they always do an outstanding job. They are punctual, professional and  great to work with.  My clients are always amazed at how great their carpets look after the job is done. In one case I had a client that had a small dog that soiled the carpets in many places. She was going to re-carpet and I convinced her to try Joe first. She did and was amazed that all the stains came out.  She had tried other providers before that had not been able to remove the stains.  Another client had a tile floor that the grout had turned from light gray to black over the years. It was like that when they bought the house so they didn't even realize how dirty it was. I called Joe and asked him to come and assess it , he did and said he could clean it up. When the homeowner returned they were astounded at how the whole look of the flooring had changed.  I would highly recommend Joe Walters and Pinnacle Peak Performance for even the most difficult carpet cleaning and tile and grout cleaning jobs. " 

Richard & Jacie


 " Richard & Jacie Rubenstein   from   Scottsdale Az. Pinnacle Peak Performance has been the only company to clean my carpets for 10 years now. The Owner/Operator "Joe" does an excellent job, he is punctual and professional, and never watches the clock or rushes just to get the job done. The carpets look like new when he's finished. We have a few areas with more dirt than normal and when he finished you couldn’t tell that one area has a lot more wear than the others. He has also removed stains that others said couldn't be removed. He treats my house like his own and is very careful about everything he does. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Phone: (480) 586-7886      

Darla McCormick



Subject: Joe Walter's Carpet Cleaning (Precision)

Just a note to let you know that I had Joe Walters came out this morning to remove some major "ink" spots in my daughter's room that probably came from a printer cartridge - it was bad! I am looking at the carpet now and he used some magic "potion" and it is all completely gone and her carpet looks brand new! People - do NOT hire those $59 specials - it ruins your carpet, makes it feel like they've put hairspray on it (some probably have to get it to stand up!), and it attracts dirt more than ever. Pay Joe to dot the job right and your carpet will look new - come see mine! Darla